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Cale Birk

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Cale Birk is the co-author of “Changing Change Using Learner- Centered Design” and District Head of Innovation in British Columbia, one of the highest achieving educational jurisdictions in the world. As a former teacher and high school Principal, Cale uses cross-industry innovation and his model of learner-centered design (LCD) to work with leaders in schools and districts in Canada, the United States, Australia and Asia to compel and inspire classroom, school and district leaders in the K-12 education system to re-imagine the experience of school and ‘change the experience of change’. Guided by the principles of design, user-experience, project-based learning, Instructional Rounds and Agile Schools, Cale constantly pushes leaders to ask themselves “Would I want to learn this in this way?” so we can change the experience of change for students, educators, and parents in the K-12 system.